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Teflon Applique Sheet
NZ $21.50

Teflon Applique Sheet

This sheet is a must if you are doing complicated fusible applique which has many overlapping pieces. It takes all the stress out of placing your pieces in the wrong place and having to try and move them.

Lay your placement pattern on to your ironing board, lay the Teflon applique sheet on top. I like to use a couple of pins to attached it to the ironing board so the pattern and the sheet don't move.

Place your fused pieces in their numerical order onto the sheet. You can move them until they are in the correct place and once there, press with the iron. This will fuse your pieces together. Then you simply and carefully peel the applique design off the sheet and place it onto your background fabric.

Press in place - perfect all done.
Mat size 40cm x 50cm

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