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Supreme Slider Queen size for quilting.
NZ $101.40

Supreme Slider Queen size for quilting.

Designed by Pat LaPierre, an award winning quilter from the USA.

Queen Supreme slider - 17" x 11½"

I read about this quilting tool in the Australian Quilters Companion No 49 and Michelle Marvig wrote a very enthusiastic review so I've purchased some so that we can all share in this wonderful product.   Click here to read Michelle's review.

I've used mine and yes, it works.  I have always hated the idea of wearing gloves while quilting and often had to really pull my quilt through the machine.  This self-sticking teflon sheet is a dream.  Your quilt just glides under the foot allowing you to concentrate on your stitching and design.

Also available in the Supreme slider smaller size - 8" x 11-1/2"   Just $49.50.

Here's what the designer says about her product.
The original pure Teflon® top slides with zero friction and now with NEW PINK SELF-STICKING UNDERSIDE. The Supreme Free-Motion Slider™ "clings" and is easy to remove. Just three easy steps to successful machine quilting:
1. Attach the free-motion foot.
2. Lower the feed dogs.
3. Position the Supreme Slider™ on sewing bed with the needle centered in the pre-punched hole. The Slider is 8" x 11.5" and fits any machine. Easily trimmed with scissors.

Includes free quilting designs. Noted authors and quilting teachers Diane Gaudynski and Joanie Zeier Poole give it "thumbs up!"

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