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Merinos - beige.
NZ $23.00

Choose your Fabric Option  $23.00 per metre
 $6.00 Fat Quarter

Merinos - beige.

Designed by Nutex

A tightly packed mob of merinos with their curly horns. A sheep dog is happily sitting on the backs of some of them.

Sheep are approximately 3" x 2½".

Also available in grey tonings. Great for I-spy quilts, your special New Zealand quilt or as a surprise fabric in a brown toned quilt.

1 metre = 39"

100% quality cotton fabric.

Interesting facts
After the Industrial Revolution of the late 18th centrury, there was a high demand for sound, fine wool which was capitalised on by the fledgling colony of Australia.  Graziers found that the vast ares of dry pastureland were suited to the fine-wool breeds of sheep.  Rams of the Spanish Merino breed were imported and they provided the basic breed lines from the famous Australian Merino originated.
Within 50 years of settlement, wool had become Australia's main export.

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