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Gollies blue
NZ $23.00

Choose your Fabric Option  $23.00 per metre
 $6.00 fat quarter

Gollies blue

Designed by Nutex.

Did you own a golly as a child?  Perhaps this fabric will bring back memories of children's library books and stories.

Or introduce your child or grandchild to the delightful world of the cuddly knitted golly doll.

Golliwog Doll History from

Golliwogs (also known as gollywogs or golly wogs) were created by Florence Kate Upton in 1895. She illustrated a book called Two Dutch Dolls and a Golliwog. The Golliwog doll was friendly and had a kind face and became a hit with children.

Golliwogs later became famous thanks to Robertsons, the UK jam maker, which used a golliwog called Golly as its emblem from 1910 onwards. Robertsons started producing collectable golly badges which are still prized today.

Golliwogs still hold a special place in our hearts today and are much loved by children.

100% quality cotton fabric.
Fabric width 1.12m

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