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Quilt Design Wizard.
NZ $54.00

Quilt Design Wizard.

Quilt Design Wizard is a quilting software for beginning quilters and beginning computer users. It is an inexpensive way for you to try quilt designing on your computer for the first time. If you only need simple pieced blocks, straight/horizontal layouts, on-point layouts, and want to play with color, then Quilt Design Wizard may be for you.

If you want to do pieced and appliqué blocks, draw your own blocks, work with every kind of layout imaginable, color with your own scanned fabrics, audition quilting stencils and embroidery, and more... then you may want to check out  EQ7 .

Here's how Quilt Design Wizard works:
Design your quilt on the computer screen.
QDW01dsnqlt.jpgStart by selecting a layout style, mattress size, and block size. Then add borders. Quilt Design Wizard™ guides you step-by-step using an easy point-and-click method.

Select from 200 quilt blocks colored with beautiful fabric and ready to set into your layout. Blocks are color-coordinated in color families to help you choose blocks that work well together. You'll be an instant designer with the Wizard's help.

Print the patterns and yardage estimates
QDW02prntexm.jpgColor the borders and you're ready to print! Quilt Design Wizard™ prints fabric yardage estimates, rotary cutting charts, and sewing instructions for each block. If you prefer templates or foundation piecing patterns, Quilt Design Wizard™ prints those too!

You'll save hours because Quilt Design Wizard™ does all the computing, calculating, and scaling. You just click print!

Sew or learn sewing and quilting basics
QDW03htmlexm.jpgThe designing is done. The patterns and yardage estimates are printed. You're ready to sew! Quilt Design Wizard™ is loaded with every bit of information you'll need. From buying supplies and fabrics, to assembly and quilting, to finishing and storing your quilt – Quilt Design Wizard™ has it all.

Blocks, fabrics, layouts and borders
200 Blocks
Whether you prefer the traditional charm of the Log Cabin block or the whimsical fun of a pictorial Tractor block, you're sure to find something to suit your taste.

3000 Fabrics
Varied and vibrant fabrics invite you to play with color. Experiment with hundreds of color combinations on screen before you ever cut the fabric.

Versatile layouts and borders
From simple wall quilts to large bed quilts, try out your ideas. Create hundreds of different combinations of horizontal and on-point layouts. Add as many borders as you like. Perfect for beginners or seasoned quilters.

What's on the Quilt Design Website?
Because you don't have to worry about the hassle of drawing blocks or scanning fabrics in Quilt Design Wizard™, we still wanted you to have the chance to update the content of your software. Quilt Design Wizard™ has a website all its own. You can get a free downloadable Quilt Design Wizard™ project with all new blocks and fabrics each month. Monthly projects are archived, so be sure to get all the ones you like. While you are on the website check out the gallery of quilts.
Visit the Quilt Design Wizard™ website.

Quilt Design Wizard™ comes with a printable user manual and CD. You need Adobe Reader to open and print the manual.

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