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EQ with Me: Quilt Design
NZ $49.50

EQ with Me: Quilt Design

Printed and written by Electric Quilt

Lesson book for Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) software. This is the book you’ve asked for!

EQ experts show how to design circular quilts, hexagon blocks and quilts, landscapes, t-shirt and photo quilts and MORE. Learn Custom Quilt secrets, and how to design for Accuquilt dies or pre-cuts. Each lesson teaches basic skills you’ll use and reuse in designing your own quilts.

Perfect for all EQ7 skill levels.  The following information has been taken from the EQ website.

Design Tricks from EQ Experts!

These fully illustrated lessons were written by quiltmakers who have mastered features in EQ7 you may never have imagined.

Chapter 1:  Basic Quilt & Block Design Tricks
Give EQ7 blocks a “make-over,” turning ordinary into extraordinary. Design one-block floral borders to click into place. “Pull” colorful inspiration from a favorite photo to develop fresh color schemes.

Chapter 2: Creating Instant Blocks & Borders
Make EQ7 do the work! Open new design possibilities by learning to merge 2 blocks together. Make instant borders with a click. Then easily customize them to fit your imagination.

Chapter 3: Drawing Layouts for Optical Effects
Combining blocks of different sizes? Whether you want “Wow” optical effects or are planning sampler block layouts, this lesson’s for you. Learn to “draw” block spaces in the sizes needed. Then presto! Turn your drawing into a quilt layout and easily set blocks. Bonus: Quickly create new color palettes.

Chapter 4: Designing for AccuQuilt Dies & Pre-Cuts
If you use the AccuQuilt GO! Cutter, or “Jelly Roll” fabric pre-cuts, you’ll love this lesson. Learn to design with patches specifically sized to be cut with an AccuQuilt GO! Die cutter. Alternatively, choose pre-cut friendly block designs. And that’s not all: get practice with the versatile Strip Quilt layout.

Chapter 5: Award Winning Layout in Minutes
Have you admired gorgeous star designs, thinking them beyond your design skill? Think again! Using EQ7, sometimes complex quilts are easier to design than you think. Follow in the footsteps of this quilter as she shows steps she used in designing this award-winning quilt. Then take her inspirational hints as you design on your own.

Chapter 6: Panel, T-shirt & Photo Quilts
Conquer Custom Set once and for all! This lesson guides you through making “placement blocks” of different sizes and setting them in Custom Set, using the helpers EQ7 offers – all ready for your photos or t-shirt scans, or fabric panels. Bonus: Get expert tips on scanning, saving, photographing, importing and cropping you’ll use again and again.

Chapter 7: Designing Circular Quilts
Love shaped quilts? Learn to draw a simple round quilt, octagonal quilt, or get fancy! Transform an EQ7 layout to eliminate those straight edges! Wait, there’s more: learn easy steps for drawing New York Beauty arc-shaped blocks.

Chapter 8: Designing with Hexagons
You can do it! This lesson makes it easy to draw intricate hexagon-shaped pieced blocks of all sorts. Then show them off! Set them into a hexagon-shaped quilt. Includes helpful tips on avoiding set-in seams, making your hexagons easily pieceable in diagonal rows.

Chapter 9: Designing Landscape Quilts
The landscape in your imagination is unique. So there’s no “one right way” to design it. We show you possible starting places, whether you draw your entire scene as one block, or build it by combining blocks and motifs. See how experienced designers have done it, and determine which method works best for you.

Chapter 10: Tips & Tricks for Working with EQ7
Quick steps for creating scalloped borders, setting stencils quickly and accurately, exporting patterns, designing sashing without cornerstones, making Lone Star quilts and more. These are frequently asked topics so do-able once you know how.
Pages 128
Size 8½” x 11″
Softcover, spiral binding, full-color content

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