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EQ with Me: Applique Drawing
NZ $44.50

EQ with Me: Applique Drawing

Printed  by Electric Quilt and written by Angie Padilla

Angie Padilla Lesson book for Electric Quilt 7 (EQ7) software.
Learn to draw appliqué from a pro! Angie Padilla teaches you from the beginning how to draw and edit appliqué patches to create spectacular blocks.

EQ6APP 200Please note! If you already own the EQ6 Applique Drawing book by Angie Padilla (as shown at the right), you do not need this book. It has been updated for EQ7, but the content and applications are the same.

If you don’t have it already, grab it while you can. You’ll love how it will help you draw.
The following has been taken from the EQ website.

Chapter 1:  Back to the Basics
In this chapter you’ll learn how use Library blocks to create new blocks! Plus:

Select and delete patches
Copy, paste and move patches around
Clone and flip patches
Resize and rotate patches many different ways
Mix patches from different blocks.

Chapter 2:  Drawing Simple Lines and Curves
In this chapter you’ll begin to customize your workspace and learn how to:

Draw and edit lines and curves
Work with snapping options
Use guides
Use building blocks as guides to develop a more realistic drawing
Draw freehand and trace for the first time.

Chapter 3:  Drawing Two Lines at Once
Start using the Brush Stroke and Swath tools and learn how to:

Change the Brush Stroke style, ends, taper, and thickness
Draw vines and leaves with the Brush Stroke tool
Use symmetry to create folk-art designs
Import blocks from other projects
Convert segments into curved flying geese.

Chapter 4:  Drawing with Pre-Defined Shapes
In this chapter you’ll learn how to:

Use pre-defined shapes to make quick patches
Use the Precision Bar to round rectangles and split circles into wedges
Make a wreath using the WreathMaker tool.

Chapter 5:  Putting it All Together
Use everything you’ve learned so far to make more complex blocks. You learn how to:

Import photos to trace
Make complex wreaths, folk-art crossing designs, and Hawaiian appliqué
Flip and rotate open patches and snap them together to make a complex symmetrical closed patch
Edit a block and create setting triangles, borders, sash blocks, and cornerstones to match.

Chapter 6:  Tips and Tricks
Follow these quick lessons to:

Change from square to rectangular blocks
Mirror block templates
Create a mix ‘n’ match library.

Pages 184
Size 8½” x 11″
Softcover, spiral binding, black & white content

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